Rich Douglas, Ph.D., PMP

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An in-depth study of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) phenomenon. Twenty CLOs shared their lived experiences, which were analyzed to understand where CLOs come from, how they gain the CLO role, and what they do when they leave it. The CLO career path is explored and a theoretical explanation of it is developed and presented.
An exploration into different forms of tertiary institutional recognition and their affect on the acceptability of college degrees for employment purposes. Almost 300 HR professionals participated in a complex research designed to gain insight into the question and to determine what could be done to improve hiring managers' ability to accurately assess the quality of degrees presented by current and prospective employees.
A government agency's first-ever human capital strategic plan is developed and implemented using the Balanced Scorecard method.
Imagining the application of adult development theory to the Chief Learning Officer. Presented at the 2012 CLO Magazine Symposium.
A 1-page resume providing a summary of my experiences and credentials in the field of Human Resource Development.
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