Rich Douglas, PhD, SPHR
Strategic HRD---Nontraditional Higher Education---Leader Development

Welcome to my website! Thanks for visiting. I put it together to let folks know a little more about me and the professional areas I work in. Primarily, I'm a practitioner of Strategic Human Resource Development with 35 years of progressive experience in HRD, Distance Education, Leadership Development, and Project Management across the public, private, and academic sectors. 

I've worked in various roles for some really dynamic organizations, including  the Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration and Citizenship Services, the CIA, NASA, University of Phoenix, San Diego State University, and AT&T. I'm also a retired Air Force officer, where I specialized in education and training.

Thanks again for visiting my site. For more detail about my experience and credentials, please click here or on the "About Rich" link on the left.
Areas of Interest
This website is designed to introduce the reader to my professional experience and interest areas. I've worked for more than three decades in human resource development (HRD) as a trainer, administrator, instructional designer, and strategist. Additionally, I've had a keen interest--plus substantial professional experience--in "nontraditional higher education," developing and delivering degree programs to working adults. Finally, there's an idea for a degree program I've been kicking around. Each of these are described below, with even more information available by clicking in the links on the right of this page.

Strategic HRD. Human Resource Development (HRD) is the practice of developing employees to perform their jobs.Strategic HRD extends the practice even further by connecting the practice to the strategic goals of the business or organization--it creates a learning culture. Both are supported by practice and scholarly research. To learn more about SHRD, click here or on the link to the right.

Nontraditional Higher Education. What is "nontraditional" in higher education? Just about everything that is different from sitting in a classroom and being told what to think. It can be about delivery (like distance education), methods (like taking interdisciplinary approaches to subjects), or even who drives the learning (the student instead of the school). As Malcolm Knowles made clear, adults learn differently. Click here or on the link on the right to learn more.

Professional Doctorate. For a very long time, the doctorate was used to prepare students for academic careers. We find many experienced practitioners wanting to earn the doctorate, but they find themselves being put through a process they can't relate to. The professional doctorate, with its emphasis on practice (while still including scholarship), addresses this. I'm proposing the creation of a Doctor of Human Resource Development, not just to award an advanced credential, but to also create a cadre of "scholar-practitioners" who will bridge the gap between academia and practice in HRD. Click here or on the link on the right for more information.